Discover El Baciyelmo

Comfortable charm. Quiet and efficient.

El Baciyelmo is a place to feel at home. As soon as you step through our front door you enter a different world: quiet and the courtyard and garden will make you forget you are in the center of Trujillo.

About us

Our Studios

We love to make you feel comfortable.

All our rooms are in fact (and officially) apartments. But since we don't like small spaces they are all open, except for the shower rooms. So studios is the best tag for them. We have two smaller and four bigger ones.

All rooms have a small but fully equipped kitchen, with small refrigerator, microwave and two hobs, so you can make breakfast, lunch or a simple dinner at home.

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What to see...

The obvious and the surprising

There are a lot of things that can be done with Trujillo as your base camp. So much, that people who have stayed for a week or more, have left wanting to come back to be able to do with what they had missed. So, take a look before booking your stay, so you won't be short of time.

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What to do...

You will never be bored.

With our extensive knowledge of the area we can help you out, whatever you want to.

We have quite a collection of guides at reception and if you wish we can tailor your mountain bike rides or hikes to suit your abilities and preferences.

We also van help you to make a guided tour to Monfragüe or to other parts where wildlife is interesting. Take a closer look at "what-to-do" or contact us.

A closer look

Location, arrival and parking

In the centre of Trujillo, in the heart of the Cáceres province

Right in the the old town, but easily to be reached by car. We are about 200 metres (2 minutes walking distance) from the beautiful main square (Plaza Mayor).

On your arrival date, there will always be someone on the premises to welcome you, we've got reception. If we did not instantly notice your arrival, please ring the bell in the hall or the one outside. Sometimes then you might find us in the garden or with another client in one of the studios, in which case you might have to give us a call.

Parking on the street normally is no problem. We have got a parking in a parallel street (Calle Chica), with a pedestrian entrance some 50 metres down our street (nr. 56). The lots are not overly wide, but a normal (rental) car fits perfectly. €5,50/day. Limited availability. Making a reservation is recommended.

And... just in case you can't control your curiosity... Google Streetview passed by our house when we were building it (2008). So don't trust what you see there.

Calle Margarita Iturralde 25
10200 Trujillo | Cáceres | España
N 39º 27' 31.8744" | W 5º 52' 49.5876"

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The Guestbook

What our guests told about us (they are exaggerating)
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Suggestions for a round trip

great places to stay

We have been travelling a lot around Spain and Portugal and sometimes you encounter places that you long to get back to. Here we share one of our favourite places, which you might include if you travel on the Iberian Peninsula.

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